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2017’s Best Home Security Options

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May 25, 2017
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June 22, 2017
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2017’s Best Home Security Options

The best home security companies are genuinely interesting in helping you find the right security system for your needs, providing peace of mind without overcharging. The best home security companies also focus on providing excellent customer service and staying on top of technological advancements. Here’s your home security company comparison for 2017’s market.

Link Interactive 

Link Interactive provides small town service, while also having the monitoring and equipment selection of the larger companies. Link Interactive is known for its transparency, as the company lists all of their prices on their website. This has the added benefit of not having to sit through a sales pitch in order to get a direct price for the equipment. Link Interactive also has a unique equipment selection model that allows you to choose the equipment that will benefit you directly, without you having to pay for equipment that you may not want.

Protect America

Protect America does not charge customers installation, activation, or any other hidden fees. Due to customer feedback, Protect America has recently simplified their packages and pricing to show commitment to customer service. They also offer a nice price lock guarantee so your monthly bill will be fixed for the duration of your contract. In addition, the company provides a lifetime equipment warranty on all of their products, ensuring quality for your home.


Frontpoint has a reputation for providing excellent customer service. All agents take a calm and patient approach to dealing with questions and issues, so you don’t need to worry about calling in—someone’s always available to take your call. Frontpoint offers Crash and Smash Protection, so that intruders are unable to disarm the security system by damaging your alarm panel. If they try, law enforcement will be dispatched. Frontpoint also waives your installation fees if you decide to go with their DIY installation option.


Vivint has changed its business model to show that they can adapt based on customer feedback. You can purchase the equipment with no added monthly cost or you can choose to finance the equipment through a contract. And once you’ve bought the equipment in full, you’ll only be responsible for paying the monitoring costs. Vivint also offers cellular monitoring, which prevents the installer from having to drill holes in the wall. And if you ever decide to move, you can easily take the system with you.


The power to choose the right home security system for your needs is up to you—not the next sales rep to land on your doorstep. Good luck, and stay safe!