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5 Tips When Installing Security Systems

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July 27, 2017
August 21, 2017
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5 Tips When Installing Security Systems

The Federal Bureau of Investigation indicated that there were just short of 1.2 million violent crimes carried out in the United States in 2014. Serial, determined criminals and opportunistic thieves alike are all over America, and there’s no way to identify them other than catching them in the act. Homes and businesses around the nation utilize security systems in protecting their facilities, employees, family members, and livelihoods.

Whether you install it yourself or hire a professional, every home and business should have active security systems. However, installing these systems aren’t easy. Here are five tips that every installation professional or homeowner can use when installing security systems.

Combine visible and hidden cameras and sensors

Criminals are less likely to intrude into places with visible security cameras and sensors. However, they’re more likely to sidestep them and go undetected. Combine a healthy mixture of easily-detected and well-hidden cameras and sensors to keep criminals away without allowing them to understand the layout of your security system.

Connect to Internet as often as possible

Thanks to the advent of technology and its rapid advancement in recent years, Internet usage is at an all-time high. Most homes and businesses have wireless Internet, as it’s relatively cheap and widely available. To prevent running hundreds of feet of cord through crawl spaces, attics, and walls, consider connecting security systems to Internet connections. Doing so can store video feeds reliably and alert owners whenever cameras or sensors detect unauthorized entrants.

Work within your means

If you aren’t a professional, don’t hop right into installing state-of-the-art systems. Be careful and don’t climb on things if you don’t have ladders or scaffolding, for example. Always remember to talk to an attorney if you sustain a personal injury while at work.

Spend money on the best equipment

This sentiment applies to practically everything in life, although it’s doubly true for security systems. Security cameras with fuzzy, grainy, pixellated feeds often can’t identify perpetrators with accuracy. Devices with slow or failing Internet connectivity might not stream or record video and audio as intended.

Purchase power tools for drilling through walls and hiding cables. Get a top-notch Internet connection for better performance. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a security consultant, either.

Don’t store passwords around

Most people write down passwords for their account logins. Whether they leave them attached to computer monitors or hidden among troves of other documents, it’s a bad idea to store passwords to computers and security systems.

Most every homeowner wants a security system. However, it can be expensive, and beginners can’t do professional-quality work without experience and training. These five tips will help you when installing security systems, whether you’re a professional installation expert or naive homeowner.