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5 Ways to Install an Alarm System on Your Home

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July 24, 2017
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5 Ways to Install an Alarm System on Your Home

Installing an alarm system on your home is an investment in safety. However, there can sometimes be confusion on how exactly you can go about installing the systems. There are a few ways you can accomplish the installation of an alarm system for home usage, some of which we’ll be going over in this article.

Do it Yourself

For many home improvement projects, there’s always the possibility of a DIY installation, and a security system is no exception. While it can be far more challenging than other methods, a DIY installation also allows you more freedom when it comes to exactly which systems you want, and how you want to go about installing them.

Direct Installation

The option offering the most ongoing support for your systems, as well as the one with the highest assurance of quality is installation direct by a home security company or manufacturer. The primary benefit of this being the ongoing support of company technicians, and the guarantee that they will have the tools and equipment necessary to install and maintain the system. For example, an ADT technician will always have the proper alarm system equipment for ADT systems.

Third-Party Installation

When pricing is a major concern, or you simply want more freedom in how you want your home security systems to be installed, but you don’t have the time or equipment for a DIY installation, a third-party contractor is likely the best way to go. While ongoing support isn’t guaranteed as with a more direct installation, you gain a lot of freedom in how your system is installed, and what features are included.

Temporary Installation

If you’re not in need of a permanent security system, there’s also the possibility of a temporary installation. Useful for rental properties, or if you only need limited security coverage. A temporary installation can also be incredibly useful if you’re expecting to be away from home for some time, and are looking for extra security.

Combined Installations

In some cases, no one method of security system installation will cover everything you need. Sometimes, the best solution is to simply use multiple methods. For example, direct installation of actively monitored security cameras in combination with door alarms installed by a third-party.


When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, there are a few different methods, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, which method is the best is determined entirely by your specific needs.