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5 Ways to Keep Your Stored Valuables Safe

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5 Ways to Keep Your Stored Valuables Safe

Theft is relatively rare in most areas of the united states, with crime decreasing steadily since the early 1990s, but that is no reason to leave your valuables unprotected. Taking a few basic safety measures is quick and easy, so everyone should consider doing it.


Lock It Up


Locks are the simplest and easiest way to keep things safe. This may seem obvious, but many thefts occur when people forget to lock a door or simply don’t bother to do so. Remember to double check the locks after you close them to make sure they are latched. If it’s a combination lock, memorize the combination instead of writing it down, since that makes it much harder for potential thieves to figure it out.


Keep It Secret


Thieves prefer to maximize their gains and minimize their risks. That causes them to favor obvious targets, so a little bit of discretion is the best defense. Keep valuables out of sight whenever possible, such as by placing them where they can’t be seen through a window. Similarly, try not to tell people where you store things unless they need to know about it.


Use Storage Units




Putting all of your eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster. By spreading your valuables out in different places, you reduce the number that can be taken at any one time. According to Corona Storage Units, self-storage is a great way to diversify your asset retention, since storage units offer reasonable secure storage in a place that won’t draw much attention.


Minimize Movement


Valuable possessions are often lost during transportation. Not only does it make them more vulnerable to thieves, they can also get lost or damaged if they are dropped or misplaced. Dodge this risk by keeping them in one place as much as possible, especially if they aren’t going to be in use.


Get a Safe


A good safe is a big investment, but it’s also one of the best forms of protection. It provides all the security of a lock, but it makes the lock much harder to bypass. This is because normal doors or boxes can be broken to get around a lock, while a safe is almost impenetrable. Explosives or specialized power tools can still get through a safe, but that’s true of essentially every security measure.


While these methods won’t provide protection against every crook in the world, they will stop most of them. Even if a determined thief can get past them, they’re much more likely to ignore secured goods in favor of easier targets. That means that even a small effort can do a lot to keep you and your valuables safe, so you should never hesitate to try it.