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Conceal and Carry Classes in Reno, NV

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May 23, 2016
conceal and carry in Reno, NV
Apply for a permit for conceal and carry
June 22, 2016
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Conceal and Carry Classes in Reno, NV

In recent years, more states have passed laws for persons to obtain permits to allow them to

carry concealed firearms. The last state to permit this was Illinois in 2014 making it legal for

concealed carry weapons in all states with the relevant permit. The number of people having

concealed handgun permit has increased significantly in the past few years. In fact the Federal

Government Accountability Offices estimates that concealed handgun permits have grown

from 8 million in 2011 to over 11.1 million in 2014.

Most states still require some hours of training before issue a concealed carry permit to an

individual. For example the state of Illinois requires that an individual has 16 hours of training

before receiving a permit. Although some states do not require conceal carry training, it is still

strongly recommended to have some training especially for a person who has never handled a


Many conceal and carry classes start with basic firearm safety. They cover topics that include

handling and storing a firearm. Gun storage is especially crucial for persons carrying a conceal

and carry permit and storing a firearm whether at home or traveling is important first step in

keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

Classes will also include a component on cleaning, caring and loading a firearm. Before you can

protect and defend yourself and your family, it is very important to have a clear understanding

of guns, how they work, the components, the types of guns and other basic fundamental

factors of owning a gun. The classes will take you through the process of the proper and safe

way to care for your weapon. Additionally you will be introduced to the different types of

ammo and how to choose the right weapon to protect yourself.

CCW training will also introduce you to how to properly grip a gun while working on the correct

stance, sight alignment and trigger control. The aim of the training would be to prepare you for

a real life situation where you can react calmly to any given situation.

Finally a class should inform you of the state and federal laws that you must comply with. The

class will instruct you on the regulations relating to carrying a pistol when traveling and

interacting with the law enforcement when carrying a firearm. There should be discussion on

protecting yourself and what will constitute legal use of force with a weapon.