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March 17, 2016
March 27, 2016
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In today’s perilous times- NOBODY is safe. From small scale crimes like mugging to large scale human trafficking, crime has engulfed our lives totally.

One of the biggest hubs of all sorts of these crimes is our very own – AMERICA. Crime here has been recorded ever since civilization. Facts state that total crime rate reported is 381.7/386.9 per 100,000 populations as of 2013. If this fact doesn’t shock you, what will?

Now the question arises how are we to ensure safety of our lands, belongings, money let alone ourselves. Some would suggest law and police. Let’s clear that out as well. As per a 2009 survey, the number of law enforcers per 100,000 is just in few hundreds. How are we expecting just few people to account for the protection and welfare of a million?? Clearly, that’s next to impossible. Starting from small scale to large, this blog will clear it to you how much of your own well being is in your own hands.

Most of the small businesses have to deal with the reality that theft and other crimes can occur on business premises. Statistically speaking, there are approximately 27 million shoplifters (1 in 11 people) in the nation today. More than 10 million have been caught in the last 5 years. Shoplifters steal from all types of stores including department stores, speciality shops, drug stores, music stores, thrift shops and utility stores. So, in case you own any of these, you surely aren’t safe.

Next up is mugging and robberies. For those yet unaware of the term, you are both lucky and foolish. Former because you haven’t been mugged yet and latter because you aren’t aware what you might face the next time you leave your house. In short, mugging is the act of attacking and robbing someone in a public place. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program describes robbery as the attempt to take anything from the care or control of a person by force or risk and with aggression and/or by fear. Here are some of the most shocking facts about robberies in the country. Nationwide in 2010, there was an estimate of 362,832 robberies. This puts a rate of 119.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. In terms of finance, an estimated $456 million in losses were attributed in 2010. Firearms were used in 14.4 percent of the cases.

The safety of the women and children is also one of the major concerns. Rape, trafficking and all these sinful acts show an alarming exponential rate of increase. Every 107 seconds, another sex assault occurs which account for 293,000 reported instances each year. This clears up the fact that 68% go unreported and 98% of rapists do not spend a day in jail. Also, 100,000 US children are trafficked each year for slavery, sexual abuse and other hideous acts.

Knowing all these facts, it’s clear as day to you how safe and secure your finances, your loved ones and you yourselves are!! Stay healthy and safe. Take the necessary steps as soon as possible to live a peaceful, carefree life.