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Schools with bomb shelters?

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February 8, 2021
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May 14, 2021
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Schools with bomb shelters?

This morning, I was reading the news when I saw the alarming updates coming from the Middle East regarding the all-out craziness happening in Jerusalem. When news headlines are splashing across the internet talking about the temple mount on fire, I pay attention!

However, besides the headlines of violence in Jerusalem and the crescendoing beat of war drums, I was drawn to another headline found in the Times of Israel saying, “In central Israel, only schools, businesses with bomb shelters to open Tuesday.”

You see, this caught my attention because, in the United States, we shut schools down because of falling snow. Yet, in Israel, they have a little more grit. They don’t even necessarily shut schools down for falling missiles! As long as the school has a bomb shelter, kids are expected to attend. If there’s no bomb shelter, then they have a pass to stay home.

Reading this story gave me even more appreciation for the people of Israel. They live in an ever-present atmosphere of war and danger. They’re used to it. And what’s more, their children don’t know any different. For them, it’s just the way things are. Imagine growing up in a place where the sound of sirens blaring with warnings to take cover from incoming missiles is a normal occurrence? How would you proceed with happiness in life? Well, the truth is, the Israelis have grit and they have happiness. Even though they are surrounded by enemies armed to the teeth with firearms, as a people they don’t allow the constant threat of attack to paralyze them from dreaming and planning for a bright future.

We can learn a thing or two about grit and perseverance from the Israelis. So, the next time you winge about falling snow and cry about schools possibly remaining open instead of taking a snow day, think for a minute about the children in Israel who aren’t even allowed to take “missile days.”

Something to consider . . .