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Some Alarming Home Security Facts

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July 14, 2016
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Some Alarming Home Security Facts

In a previous post, we featured the home security services offered by They are just one of many companies that offer great home security packages that protect the things that matter to you most and provide peace of mind.

Home security is a growing industry. What started hundreds of years ago armed guards at castle gates (for the rich and powerful) and simple locks on doors (for the rest of us) has evolved into a sophisticated system of anti-theft and anti-burglary technology.

The reason why home security has to stay on the cutting edge of technology is because criminals continue by the minute to get smarter, more sophisticated, and more elaborate with their schemes. New devices designed to steal your personal information, circumvent your home security, and disable your safety measures seem to crop up every day.

Criminals know how to unlock doors, open safes, steal your online passwords, and more. Posting this information here isn’t meant to cause you alarm or frighten you; it’s only meant to educate and inform. The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem and pretend it isn’t there.

To show you how much of a problem threats to home and personal security are, just consider these facts from

• Roughly 6 out of 10 burglars get into a home by using force. However, 3 out of 10 are able to get into a home through an unlocked door, window, or other entry point.

• One study showed that burglars will first try to find out if a home has an alarm system or not. The vast majority of criminals convicted of burglary said they purposely steered clear of dwellings protected by home security systems. They also admitted that an alarm sounding was enough to make them bolt.

• Statistics compiled by the FBI say the average home invasion results in nearly $2,200 in losses.

• Most burglars admit to cutting telephone, alarm system, or other wires before breaking into a home. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a wireless home security system.

• It is not uncommon for burglars to break into a home a second time. If it was easy/lucrative the first time, odds are they will consider breaking in again.

Now, you may think that doing something about protecting your home and your loved ones is going to cost you an arm and a leg. However, do a littles research with some cost comparison, and you may find home security systems are a lot more affordable than you think—especially when you consider all the valuable things they protect.