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Weekend in Vegas: What Gun Owners Should Know

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Weekend in Vegas: What Gun Owners Should Know

If you are a believer in the Second Amendment and plan on vacationing in Las Vegas any time soon, there are a few things you should know. When broken down by state and specific to Vegas, you may be surprised to learn Vegas’ gun laws are very much in line with the rest of Nevada, which aren’t unusually restrictive. Made effective in June of last year, SB 175 and SB 240 prohibit counties, cities, and towns from passing ordinances that are stricter than state law, so the gun laws in Vegas are essentially the same as the rest of Nevada.


Open Carry


Open carry without a permit is legal in the state of Nevada, even for non-residents. If you’re 18 or older and can legally possess a firearm you can open carry in Nevada (NRS 193.120).


Conceal and Carry


Nevada has a reciprocity law and will recognize conceal and carry permits from the states listed here. If you are at least 21 years old and have a permit from one of the listed states you will be allowed to legally carry a concealed weapon. If your state is not on that list, you may try to obtain a permit from one of the states outlined on that page. Without a recognized permit you will not be able to legally carry a concealed weapon in Nevada.


Casinos, Bars, and Restaurants


You are allowed to carry in bars and restaurants in Las Vegas, just make sure that if you’re drinking that your Blood Alcohol Content is below 0.10. It is also legal to carry inside of a Vegas casino, on the Las Vegas Strip, and at the Fremont Street Experience.


Gun Signage


Signage can only legally prohibit a concealed firearm when there are postings or metal detectors at each public entrance. If there is no signage, a business may still ask you to leave their property or disarm before entering. If you do not comply with these requests you may face only trespassing violations. Most businesses in Nevada are gun friendly.


When visiting Las Vegas, it is important to remember where firearms are prohibited such as secure areas of an airport, federal property, military bases, schools, and other similar places. If you are visiting Nevada from out of state, you should check out Nevada’s Department of Public Safety website for more information. You can have a good time in Las Vegas without having to surrender your rights.