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What are the best prepper firearms?

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September 2, 2020
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February 8, 2021
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What are the best prepper firearms?

When you’re preparing for a SHTF scenario, there really is a never-ending list of things to stock away. Just when you think you’ve got it all, you realize there’s still more to do. This is the mindset of a true prepper. And while each prepper’s list of nice-to-haves is unique, the list of must-haves is pretty much the same from one prepper to the next. That list, of course, includes the necessities of food, water, medicine, clothing, shelter, warmth, extra cash, and guns. Yes, guns. If you don’t have the ability to protect yourself and your gear from non-preppers during a SHTF scenario, then you might as well have not prepped at all. So if firearms are such a necessity for the prepper and have a place on the must-have list, what are the best prepper firearms?

First, let me say that this list is according to my own liking and recommendation. There are many options for firearms, but I’ll try to keep the list as general as possible without sacrificing important specifics.

The 3 best prepper firearms

(1) A shotgun

In my opinion, a shotgun is by far the most effective home security firearm. They are easy to load, easy to shoot, easy to aim, easy to maintain, and easy to find ammo for. That’s right. The ammo is super cheap (at least while supplies last!).

(2) An AR-15

The AR-15 is a little pricier to get into than a shotgun, but this trusty rifle is able to take down targets at a greater distance. Also, they are very popular because they are so similar to the M16, which millions of veterans were trained on. The downside to an AR-15 is it is difficult to find ammo for them when folks begin to make a run on the stores. To avoid this problem, be sure to buy ammo when there isn’t mass demand for it!

(3) A .22 long rifle

The .22 long rifle is great because it has the ability to shoot long distances, but doesn’t necessarily have to be fatal. Furthermore, it doesn’t have much recoil, which is appealing to smaller-bodied shooters. Sometimes ammo is in an abundance at the stores and other times it is quickly sold-out. This is because the .22 long rifle is such a common firearm.


In conclusion, if you’re a prepper, be sure to do all you can to get your must-have list complete before moving on to the nice-to-have list. You never know where this world is going. Things are changing rapidly. Businesses are shutting down in crazy numbers!

Who would thought that Harley Davidson, an iconic American company, would ever shut down their massive plant?

Who would have thought that malls everywhere would be mothballed?

Who would have thought that main street commerce would come to a standstill?

Who would have thought that Toys R Us would go bankrupt?

These are challenging times, that’s for sure. The time is now to be more self-sufficient. If you’re a prepper, be an informed prepper and make informed purchasing decisions.