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Where to store ammo cans

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August 27, 2020
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Where to store ammo cans

A gun is only as good as its ammo. Properly-stored ammo is critical to a properly-functioning weapon. Failure to store ammo properly will result in misfires, duds, and possible injury to the shooter. For many, ammo cans are the go-to solution for ammo storage. However, do you just throw the ammo in the can and hide it under the bed? This article will help answer the question of where to store ammo cans.

First, ammo is arguably the most important item to stockpile in a SHTF scenario. It’s been said that he who has the most firepower, wins. Not only is ammo essential for hunting and self-defense, but it is also a great bartering item.

Ammo has a shelf life

First, it’s important to know that, just like food, ammo has a shelf life. However, unlike food, if you store ammo properly, it will last up to a century or more. Improperly storing ammo will result in rapid degradation beginning on day 1, eventually rendering your ammo useless.

Properly storing ammo isn’t a complicated process.

Choosing where to store ammo cans really boils down to three key requirements:

(1) Store in a cool place.

When I say cool, I really mean, NOT HOT. Don’t keep your ammo in the fridge. The biggest threat to ammo when it comes to temperatures is extreme swings in temperatures. That’s why it’s a bad idea to store ammo cans in a vehicle or in an attic. Rather, store your ammo cans in a gun safe or another secure location in your temperature-controlled home/building.

(2) Store in a dry place

The biggest culprit in ammo degradation is humidity. Keep your ammo dry by keeping your ammo cans away from temperature swings (as mentioned earlier) and when you store your ammo can, try to avoid placing it directly on the ground. Rest the can on a brick in case your home experiences a flooding situation. You don’t want to risk water seeping into an ammo can, even if they’re supposed to be waterproof.

(3) Store in a dark place

This is very easy to do. Ammo that is stored in an ammo can is already in a dark place, but you should keep the ammo can in a dark place like a safe, cabinet, or secured closet to help maintain constant temperatures.

In conclusion

In my opinion, ammo cans are a must when it comes to ammo storage. By following these guidelines of storing in a cool, dry, dark place, your ammo will last many years to come!