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wolfsecurity with more services

Personal and property protection

Since our founding, WolfSecurity has been a go-to resource for delivering a variety of protective services to public figures at risk including.Every day these individuals face a variety of risks that may include stalkers, paparazzi, kidnapping schemes, corporate and political protestors, and more. WolfSecurity’s residential security services deliver the expertise to manage and help prevent such risks at the homes of VIPs.

  • Politicians and government officials.
  • Prominent families and high net-worth individuals.
  • Celebrities and athletes.
  • Corporate CEOs and executives.

Private detective services

WolfSecurity established the Wolf Detective Agency and is the world’s first "private eye.” Since that time, WolfSecurity has continued to develop and deliver innovative private investigation solutions that allow us to provide your company with reliable and accurate information.Our experienced private investigators handle a wide variety of services.

Whether you’re concerned with internal employee issues such as theft, schemes or other types of corruption, or external worries such as internet fraud, electronic bugging, extortion, or due diligence matters, Wolfsecurity offers the expertise to get you answers and recover your assets quickly

Security equipment for your safety

Wolf security provides armed security guards for day and night foot patrol security services, vehicle security patrol options, camera surveillance, and executive protection.We employ technology and tactics so effective that weapons rarely (if ever) need to be drawn. However, in the event that weapons become a necessity, our guards are fully-prepared to protect clients and their property by any means necessary.

Upon booking, we create a comprehensive security plan, reviewing the unique challenges that a facility, individual, or event may pose. Then, based on the unique characteristics of the job, we develop custom security procedures designed specifically to ameliorate the risks that a given position is most likely to face..

Analysis and investigations

Discovery of deception and revealing the true facts, while difficult, is the foundation for any effective interview. During the course of investigations dealing with costly corporate wrongdoing (e.g. theft, fraud, kickbacks, conflict of interest, extortion and embezzlement), clients find that Wolfsecuritys professional interviewers help them get to the truth faster and uncover the facts more accurately.

Wolfsecurity expert examiners and interviewers are well-versed in reading mannerisms of action and speech as well as fully understanding the subject. Because our staff acts as true investigators and not just consultants, most Wolfsecurity personnel and contractors are trained in one of the following interviewing and interrogation methods