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October 20, 2023
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Security, CCTV camera for office building at night in London.

Running a warehouse security operation is very important for any company dealing in Logistics. It is the duty of a warehouse manager to check about planning, stock, distribution of logistics, and the security especially if you are into storing expensive equipment. You need to plan about security accordingly and consider about surveillance, on-site security measures, and educating employees for the security.

Security Surveillance
The security system has to be set up around the warehouse so that you can record any theft committed by any employee or any outside visitor. It is very important in case you are blamed for any robbery or suspected in case any products have gone missing. For example, Melaleuca is a manufacturer with a large warehouses containing tens of thousands of Melaleuca products. The company has wisely invested in state-of-the-art security systems to protect all that merchandise. It is your responsibility to legally notify the company for which you offer service, in such situations so that it discourages any further theft from the warehouse.

Security Guards
It is good to have a security presence around the warehouse in case you have no staff in the warehouse during the night. Generally, these works are outsourced by most of the companies thus offering a lot of scope for the private security company. You can also provide call outs in the event of any theft or conduct a random patrol by your security guards.

To avoid serious theft it is always good that your security guards do the following:
• Do exterior tour of the warehouse building and properly checking the property for any sign of break-in or damage etc.
• Conduct interior tour of the critical areas inside the warehouse building.
• Check the doors and windows for any breach.
• In case your guards find any problem, notify the police and secure the building and property till they arrive.
• Control the access and entry to the warehouse building.

It is the duty of your security guards to check the user keys and locks of the warehouse, limit the number of keys in circulation, and keep the documents about the access.

Note that the more you offer access to the keys, the less secured will be the warehouse.

It is good to have a tiered restriction to the sensitive areas, by just allowing certain employees to such areas. It is also good to have security within the warehouse to have better safety.

Make sure that the security procedures do not end at the front doors of the warehouse. It is your duty to secure even the perimeters as well. Windows and doors should have protection as they would offer easiest option for breaking in.

Keep these things in mind, and you are capable to offer security and manage protection to any storage area.